5 Dec
Dental tourism

Dental Tourism

The notably lower cost of dental procedures in some countries makes it very appealing for Australian travelers to fill two needs with one deed and engage in dental tourism. Some international dentists are excellent and you may even have heard some positive reviews from friends. But how much benefit does dental tourism provide compared to

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23 Nov
root canal treatment darwin

Root Canal Treatment

Have you ever heard someone talk about Root Canal Treatment and wondered what it actually entails? We have summarised the main points in our latest DentSplaining. We guess it’s needless to say that the most effective way to prevent Root Canal Treatment is a proper oral health regimen. SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION.

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30 Aug

The Dangers of Oral piercing

The practice of body piercings dates back centuries to the ancient cultures of Africa and South America. These days, it has become a very popular trend and way to express oneself. While ear piercings are believed to be harmless, piercing your lips, tongue or other parts of your mouth can be extremely dangerous to your

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19 Aug
knocked out tooth

Knocked out tooth? Learn how to save it!

We have recently noticed an increase in dental injury patients. It is said that knowledge is power, so we hope this information will be helpful in the unfortunate event of a dental emergency. While it is often difficult to predict accidents, some injuries, especially during sports activities, can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard.

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8 Jul
gum disease darwin

Gum Disease and Obesity

We know that poor oral hygiene and health can lead to gum disease, but this recent research has brought to light another possible link. Have a read SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION.

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